Humble Beginnings

Fueled with only a passion for design and embracing the human form, Aidan Jeptha began her journey of fashion design at Northlink College in Cape Town. Learning existing and new techniques in the trade, she found what made happy in the world of fashion, and that was designing women’s clothing that was fashionable, form-fitting, but simple enough to make the garments seem effortlessly beautiful.

Aidan knew that what she really wanted was to make women feel comfortable with their bodies, and with that, create clothing that would accentuate all the natural proportions of the female frame. After her college years, Aidan sought after more artistic designs and started working in couture bridal boutiques, continuing to learn additional techniques that worked in this style of design, but noting that many of the design techniques could be applied in everyday, ready-to-wear garments too.

It was at this juncture she finally took the leap in working at a premium couture boutique store in Cape Town, fine tuning her skills and beginning to gain a new appreciation for not just design, but styling. She quickly grew to understand what clients really wanted, and how they wanted clothing to fit and feel on them. So in a daring move, Aidan finally decided it was time to create a brand of her own. Applying all her techniques and experience, she would inspire a new love for fashion in people, teach women how to style their everyday and occasional looks. Taking away generic experience of conventional clothing shopping, and creating tailored fashion in a far easier shopping experience.

Aidan J Design welcomes you to Fall In Love With Fashion all over again. Tailored Fashion, Made Easy.